Nope. This is everyone’s first question and no, you will not fall off or tip the bike. Your very first time on the RealRyder will feel unstable but you only get stronger with each class you take. We typically tell our guests there is a three to five class learning curve before you really feel like a pro. Keep with it and you’ll surprise yourself.





Whether you’re new to indoor cycling or new to RealRyder, we suggest everyone who is new to Core Indoor Cycling to arrive 15 minutes prior to class so our instructors can familiarize you with the bike and proper form to ensure your first experience is a great one.  15 minutes will give you plenty of time to sign in, set up, and get to know the bike and the instructor before you shred those calories.  And again, nope – you can’t tip the bikes over!  


Because of the movement and unstable surface of RealRyder bikes, your first time will be challenging.  But rest assured, your second time is exponentially better.  By your 5th class – you’ll be comfortable and able to work the bike – to fully engage your core and body to experience indoor cycling like never before.

Most importantly:  Our studio offers a positive atmosphere where riders of all levels will experience a great workout with great people. There are no screens comparing you to others. No push-ups on the bikes.  No computers.  It’s you versus you.

The other riders are there with you fueling your experience – encouraging you to work yourself to the core.

Once you experience a class, you’ll want to come back for more!  And no – you can’t tip the bikes over! - we just want you to really get that.


No spin shoes – no problem!  Our RealRyder bikes have reversible pedals which accommodate both sneakers and SPD clips (if you wear sneakers, the firmer the sole the better!).  


***NOTE:  We do not rent cycling shoes at this time.  We also suggest you wear shorts that come to the knee to prevent too much friction on the inside of your legs.


While it isn’t mandatory to reserve online, we can’t guarantee a ride unless you sign up!  Also, our reservation system allows guests to secure their favorite bike, but book early because someone might snatch up your bike. 


Life happens – we know it!  If you reserved but can’t make it to class, to avoid penalty please cancel by logging into your account and removing yourself from the class or simply email us at info@coreindoorcycling.com at least 2-hours in advance of the class start time to avoid penalty.

If you cancel within 2-hours of the class start time, it is deemed a “late cancel” and the class will be removed from your account or you will be charged for that class.

If you’re a Monthly Unlimited member and you “late cancel” you will be charged a $10 penalty.


Please make sure to note the expiration of the package you purchase. We strictly enforce expiration dates.


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